Does SJWD provide sewer service?

No. SJWD provides only water service, but we do bill for regional sewer service providers, such as the Town of Lyman, Town of Duncan, City of Wellford, Greer CPW, and Spartanburg Sanitary Sewer District. Customers with sewer service concerns may contact their sewer provider directly.

My bill seems higher than normal. Is something wrong?

SJWD makes every attempt to provide accurate meter and billing information to you. Upon request, we will verify the meter reading and meter accuracy. If the meter is correct, the customer is responsible for all charges billed. In some cases, the meter can indicate a possible plumbing problem on the property. Contact us to find out ways to detect possible causes of high usage.

How are my water rates determined?

SJWD operates within the guidelines of an annually prepared budget, which is approved and adopted by its commissioners. The budget considers revenue and expenses for the coming fiscal year, as well as capital expenditures from the district’s five-year capital projects plan. After careful consideration of all proposed sources and uses of funds, water rates are set to meet the financial objectives of the district for the coming fiscal year.

Who sets the policies for SJWD?

A five-member Board of Commissioners governs the SJWD Water District. Each commissioner is appointed by the governor to serve a six-year term. The commissioners hold monthly meetings at the SJWD Water District administration office on the third Tuesday of the month. These meetings are open to the public and an agenda is posted in the lobby of the administration office. Please contact us in advance if you wish to be included on the agenda.

Does SJWD have hard or soft water?

SJWD water is extremely soft, generally running in the 6-8 mg/L range. To find out how this affects your water-using appliances, consult the manufacturer’s information provided with the appliance.

How can I be sure my water is safe

SJWD complies with the monitoring requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control. Water samples are analyzed on a daily or more frequent basis by the SJWD certified lab, in addition to outside testing. SJWD is a member of the American Water Works Association’s Partnership for Safe Water Program. This program sets a more stringent requirement for its members, above those set by the EPA and DHEC. SJWD proudly meets or exceeds public drinking water standards, assuring our customers a safe and abundant water supply for the future of our community.

Should I use hot tap water for cooking?

No. You should use cold tap water. Hot water is more likely to contain rust, copper, and other elements, which may leak from plumbing fixtures and your water heater.