Submittal and Approval Process for New Developments

If you are a developer or engineer seeking water service for a new development project, this page provides and overview of SJWD’s process and requirements.

We require all projects to adhere to the standards and requirements outlined in our Standard Construction Specifications and our Developer Policy Manual, available in pdf format below.

How to request extension of water infrastructure fore new development:

1. Review our Standard Construction Specifications.

2. Request a Service Availability Letter by completing the Service Availability Form.

3. Once you have a Service Availability Letter confirming SJWD will serve your project, you can then submit the Letter of Intent Form (Residential) or Letter of Intent Form (Commercial) along with the Preliminary Construction Plan Submittal. This should include 1 set of certified engineering plans, supporting design calculations, project specifications (if not approved by SCDHEC), and completed (unsigned) applications for any encroachment permits necessary.

4. Once approved, the Final Construction Plan Submittal. For this submittal, please refer to the either the Delegated Review Program Submittal Checklist or the Commercial Service Submittal Checklist.

5. After all permits have been approved for the project, a pre-construction conference must be held at least 48 hours prior to the beginning of construction.

6. Construction/Inspection

7. Project Closeout — Prior to final acceptance by SJWD, all Agreements shall be executed and all fees must be paid.