SJWD’s service area in western Spartanburg County has a population of roughly 50,300 people, and we strive to ensure great service to all of our customers.

SJWD uses an automated water meter reading system. Our technician drives to your location and collects meter information through a radio transmitter. This system offers a more accurate method for measuring water use and collecting data for customer billing. It also allows SJWD to operate more efficiently, which helps to keep your water cost down. It is important for customers to keep meter boxes clear of debris, mulch, flowers, grass, etc. to allow SJWD employees to quickly find the meters when service is needed.

We ask our customers to be extremely careful when working around their meter box. Each radio-read meter costs approximately $150.00. Please avoid parking cars on meters or running lawnmowers over them. Customers will be charged for the repair of meter if it is damaged due to their negligence.